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About Andrea and ALL Impact

"It's about helping clients generate innovative, scalable, and impactful solutions both personally and professionally."

Andrea L Luecke, Founder and CEO

"It's about getting out of COVID distance learning."

Thiyya Tsul Hani, Special Consultant-in-Training, age 8

The spark to begin ALL Impact came from my daughter (pictured above).  After a remarkable decade+ running The Solar Foundation, I started to feel constrained by the day-to-day. I was eager to explore new opportunities that would allow my strong, entrepreneurial spirit to approach the problem of climate, equity, and economy in new ways. The key to my freedom was leading a successful merger with the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. Knowing my team and programs were in good hands, I could pursue other dreams and interests.

My experience sharing an office with an extraordinarily bright second-grader during the COVID-19 pandemic made me realize that launching a multi-faceted consulting business would present endless teaching moments. As my "Special Consultant-in-Training," her duties are currently limited to fetching the mail and listening to my phone calls. Yet, over these months, she has become wildly enthusiastic about coaching, capacity building, and climate solutions, in so much that I would be remiss if I didn't channel her creative and curious spirit by making her a "business partner." 

Coaching and nonprofit capacity building through ALL Impact is a unique opportunity to converge my diverse skills and experiences while helping and inspiring others to bravely create real impacts that improve the world.


I've lived many lives. Who I am today is not who I was or will ever be.

From residing in a tiny hut with a dirt floor in rural Ecuador while working with the local co-op, to building the capacity of women and girls in rural Morocco, to creating from scratch several award-winning nonprofit and government clean energy initiatives, to briefing Congress and giving keynote speeches, to leading a global youth movement;

I've seen and done it all and it's been awesome!  


  • Climate entrepreneur with 15 years of experience.  

  • Mission-driven problem solver.

  • Enormous, unparalleled network (thank you, friends!).

  • Coaching experience and Master's in Business - Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

  • Nationally celebrated for my ability to create scale, leverage dollars and interests, and cultivate strong, strategic partnerships.

  • Spanish bilingual, global citizen. Have lived 7 years abroad (in Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, and Morocco).

  • Program and campaign creator and catalyst. Earned widespread praise, national attention, and inspired policy changes and support.

    • Programs/campaigns include the preeminent National Solar Jobs Census, Solar Industry Diversity Study, SolSmart, Solar Training Network, Solar Saves Lives, National Solar Schools Consortium, among others. 

As an Executive, I have deep expertise related to NGO/nonprofit leadership and management; federal and foundation grants administration and compliance; nonprofit accounting, finance and law; procurement and contracts management; board and funder relations; strategic planning; budgeting; fundraising; communications; marketing; building high-performing and diverse teams; and organizational restructuring and change management. As a Person, I love to write, dance, garden, hike, travel and take copious photos.

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