Transformational Leadership and Strategy

on the Front Line of Combatting Climate Change

From helping you make timely and strategic executive decisions to developing your personal leadership capabilities to connecting you with the right projects and partners, I am here to help.

Using my expertise, network, and deep knowledge in:

  • land use planning and market strategy for rural America

  • biogen and forest carbon offsets

  • solar and clean energy policy, market, and industry trends 

  • solar and clean energy jobs & workforce development

  • funding and philanthropic landscape

  • executive, career, and life coaching

  • DEI hiring best practices 

  • community solar and microgrids on critical infrastructure

  • policies for local government adoption of solar and wind

  • international and community development best practices

  • behavioral economics and strategic communications

  • nonprofit strategy and resource planning

  • nonprofit finance, internal controls, and board governance

  • nonprofit leadership and executive coaching

  • facilitation and consensus building

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"It's about helping clients generate innovative, scalable, and impactful solutions both personally and professionally."

Andrea L Luecke, Founder and CEO

"It's about getting out of COVID distance learning."

Thiyya Tsul Hani, Special Consultant-in-Training, age 8

The spark to begin ALL IMPACT CONSULTING came from my daughter (pictured above).  After a remarkable decade+ running The Solar Foundation, I started to feel constrained by the day-to-day. I was eager to explore new opportunities that would allow my strong, entrepreneurial spirit to approach the problem of climate, equity, and economy in new ways. The key to my freedom was leading a successful merger with the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. Knowing my team and programs were in good hands, I could pursue other dreams.

My experience sharing an office with an extraordinarily bright second-grader during the COVID-19 pandemic made me realize that launching a multi-faceted consulting business would present endless teaching moments. As my "Special Consultant-in-Training," her duties are currently limited to fetching the mail and listening to my phone calls. Yet, over these months, she has become wildly enthusiastic about climate solutions, in so much that I would be remiss if I didn't channel her creative and curious spirit by making her a "business partner." 

Consulting is also a unique opportunity to converge my diverse skills and experiences. I've lived many lives. From residing in a tiny hut with a dirt floor in rural Ecuador while working with the local co-op, to building the capacity of women and girls in rural Morocco, to creating from scratch several award-winning nonprofit and government clean energy initiatives, to briefing Congress and giving keynote speeches;

I've seen and done it all and it's been awesome!  

A B O U T    A N D R E A    L    L U E C K E

  • I have >20 years of relevant experience, 15 of which are in clean energy/environment.

  • I am the creator and catalyst behind numerous programs and campaigns that have earned widespread praise, national attention, and inspired policy changes and support. These include the preeminent National Solar Jobs Census, Solar Industry Diversity Study, SolSmart, Solar Training Network, Solar Saves Lives, National Solar Schools Consortium, among others. 

  • I am nationally celebrated for my clean energy jobs and workforce vision and expertise, as well as for my abilities to create scale, leverage dollars and interests, and cultivate strong, strategic partnerships.

  • I am Spanish bilingual and have lived 7 years abroad (in Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, and Morocco), i.e., I bring a different perspective.

  • As an independent problem solver, I am the kind of person who strives on getting to the root cause of problems and bringing sound quantitative and qualitative recommendations to the table.

  • I am a mission-driven person with integrity.

  • I have an enormous network.

  • I have a Masters in Business with a specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

  • I am a person with a sharp, analytical, and artistic eye and keen editorial, communications, and marketing abilities.

  • In my free time, I am dedicated to reducing my family's carbon footprint and living a life focused on health, fitness, and FIRE.

As a practitioner, I have deep technical knowledge and expertise with: wind and solar siting and rural land use, clean energy workforce development and education supply and demand; DEIJ; market trends; program development; local government technical assistance program design; metrics development; project financing; community solar; microgrids; LMI housing policy; international development; economic development; community-based capacity building; and life coaching.

As a seasoned executive, I have deep expertise related to NGO/nonprofit leadership and management; federal and foundation grants administration and compliance; nonprofit accounting, finance and law; procurement and contracts management; board and funder relations; strategic planning; budgeting; fundraising; communications; marketing; building high-performing and diverse teams; and organizational restructuring and change management.

African american technician checks the m
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Clean Energy and Decarbonization                  Market Insights

As the nation's most trusted expert and voice on solar jobs, workforce challenges, and solar workforce diversity, I provide advice, policy, and planning. The need for a skilled clean energy workforce has never been greater. My goal is to ensure it is an effective, diverse, and equitable one. As a result, I am a part of and support CE4B, Renewables Forward, and Cleantech Leaders Roundtable (of which I am a Board Director).

Leveraging my decade of experience working with US cities and counties to create local policies and favorable market conditions, I provide insights, advice, and implementation planning to governments in the US and beyond on wind and solar development and the growing biogen and forest carbon offset markets.

Given my clean-energy network and strategic mindset, I make valuable connections and provide advice for those interested in partnerships, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy.

Community Solar & Microgrids           

on Critical Infrastructure

As a community solar subscriber and a staunch advocate for universal accessibility of shared solar, especially when it can lower the energy burden of LMI residents or help struggling farmers create a revenue source or offset losses due to climate change. I provide advice on domestic and international impact investments, community solar program design, and other sustainable land use investments.

As a founding partner of the Solar Saves Lives initiative (and other groundbreaking work in Puerto Rico), I provide practical "how-to" advice on project implementation, as well as the bundling, mapping, and visualization of potential community-based microgrid projects on critical infrastructure sites (e.g., schools, hospitals, and community centers) anywhere in the English or Spanish speaking world. These insights benefit developers and investors, as well as women and girls who will lead the way.

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Nonprofit Business
Capacity Building

As the transformational leader of a national nonprofit for over ten years - and with a Master's in Business with a specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership - I have deep knowledge of nonprofit best practices and methods for building high performing teams and operational capacity.

Specifically, I can create a scope of work that includes: readiness assessments, strategic plans, resource generation plans, facilitated ideation for the development of "theories of change," and/or opportunity/cost analyses.

Additionally, I can provide practical advice on the trends, benefits, and implementation of strategic partnerships and mergers & acquisitions. These are strategies that can greatly sharpen competitive edge.

Finally, I can review proposals, vet new hires, and train staff and board, as well as provide expert advice on board governance, policies, procedures, and navigating the federal government.

Executive, Career &
Life Coaching

The pressures we face to perform and raise more money/move more quickly than ever before, can easily become unbearable. Stress leading to burnout occurs more frequently among leaders and folks working in the nonprofit and mission-driven corporate sectors than anywhere else. And, no doubt, its hard to find a trusted and objective sounding board.

Together, we can compare battle wounds & war stories, explore life hacks, wisdom, and the best of leadership science and career advice. Together, you and I can come up with custom and time enduring solutions that will help you transform as you bravely cross the chasm.

Of course, all this work is confidential. Together we can work through your hesitations and build confidence, identify and reduce stressors, sharpen your strengths, develop your leadership style, rediscover your passion, be a more motivating public speaker, change your image, get healthy & fit, save more money for retirement, simplify your life...whatever it is, we can work on it. I have a lot of experience and can help you reach your personal and professional goals.




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